If you have an office job, chances are, you are pretty tired when you are finished at the end of the day. Thus the last thing you are looking to do is go out and exercise once you have wrapped work for the day. However your posture and all round health needn't suffer. Now of course this won't take the place of good exercise sessions, but every little helps!

Exercise 1: Check your posture

If you are sitting for long periods of time, chances are, your posture is one of the first things to suffer. A quick way to keep this in check is to use the "ice cube trick". Write the word "ice cube" and stick it to the corner of your screen. Then, whenever you look at it, imagine an ice cube has been dropped down the back of your chair. I can pretty much guarantee you’ll pull back your shoulders and puff out your chest. This will train you over time to improve your posture.

Exercise 2: The 30 minute suggestion

Don't sit around for hours on end, try and stay mobile. Get up, walk around, grab a coffee, have a chat etc. Sitting for long periods can slow your metabolism, which can impact the the body’s ability to manage blood sugar levels, blood pressure and even process.

Exercise 3: Tone up your thighs

Thigh lifts, leg lifts and knee bends - these kind of workouts are great for the office environment and can also help with toning your thighs. It can also help burn calories without anyone knowing, whilst seated at your desk.

Exercise 4: Stand tall

On a conference call, push that chair back and stand upright. This will help to engage more of your muscles. You don’t have to stand on one leg for this exercise but do just stand up on both feet whenever you can.

Exercise 5: The 2-minute march

Get your blood moving with this clever two-minute workout. Sit with strong, upright posture at your desk, with your feet about a hips width apart and quietly march your feet up and down for 2 minutes.

This will both burn off a few calories and give your legs a quick workout!