The months and years of sitting slouched at your desk have started to take their toll on your back and you've realised you need to do something about your bad posture. But how do you actually go about starting to improve your posture? Beyond products like Smarter Posture Mat, just by taking that first step of being aware of sitting smarter can actually have an impact. Whilst the years spent slumped will have inevitably tightened your muscles, with some simple exercises, these can easily be loosed and you can achieve a smarter posture.

So here are three simple exercises to improve your posture:

  1. The Superman - Start by lying facedown on the floor and raise your hands above your head, palms down. Then gently lift your torso whilst rotating your shoulders so your palms are facing each other. Hold for five to ten seconds and try and align your head with your neck and back. Lower your torso and repeat 10 times or so.
  2. Static Back - This one's a cracker and you just need a bed or chair! Start by lying down on the floor. Best start ever!! Now raise your legs onto the bed or chair with your knees at a 90-degree angle, getting your hips in as close as possible to the chair or bed and keep your arms grounded by your side. Now do nothing for 5 - 10 mins and just relax as this will loosen up the muscles in your lower back and stretch your thoracic muscles.
  3. Static Wall - A slightly more intensive version of the static back stretch. Whilst the previous exercise rested legs on the bed, this one has your entire leg at a 90-degree angle to your body rather than just your knew. Start by on the floor with a wall in front of you and slide your legs vertically up the wall bringing your behind in as close as possible to the wall, so you form an L shape. Simply keep your arms by your side and hold for 5 minutes. This delivers the same benefits as the previous posture exercise, but a more intense feeling

Remember, improving your poor posture is very much within reach. Whilst it won't happen overnight, start by taking the first steps with these and other exercises and you'll be sitting smarter in no time!