Is sitting down really the new smoking? With a significant proportion of the populations of most developed countries suffering from poor posture or back issues, more people are starting to become aware of the impact of sitting on your posture. Everyone knows that smoking is bad for your health, but people choose to do it and that's a whole different blog post. But sitting? Research has suggested that sitting might actually be one of the most underrated health threats facing society and that sitting more than six hours a day can not only be bad for your posture but also greatly increase your risk of an early death.

Especially in today's society when we are conditioned to work between 9-5 or later in some cases. You know the drill - we sit or slouch with terrible posture, in a chair all day at a computer (I'm even writing this post sat in a coffee shop!!) we then come home, eat dinner and then sit watching TV or other sedentary activities. Inactivity really isn't good for us, some might say dangerous if the research is to be believed, Now this doesn't mean you should suddenly start training for a marathon or start doing everything standing up, but making small positive changes to your lifestyle can only be a good thing.

Try getting one of the simple pedometers to help track activity so you can ultimately target 10000 steps a day. A sedentary person may only be doing 1k to 3k steps so hitting between 5k and 10k would literally be a great step forward and 10k steps isn't really a large distance - only around 5 miles.

Now the technology exists to cheaply and relativelyaccurately track not just the number of steps, but also your sleeping patterns, it makes it very easy to see how small adjustments can lead to big positive changes. 

So try and find that happy medium of eating well, sleeping well and moving around more and your body will thank you for it.